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Lara Stanic


Type Electronic Composition
Duration 4 Kanal-Audio, Steuerung Max / MSP
Performances 2005 Hochschule der K?nste Bern, Fachbereich Musik und Medienkunst
Description The audience is allowed to explore the concert room and to visit various sound rooms. The composition consists of two sound layers. The first sound layer is consists of sinus waves that minimally deviate from one another, creating beats at various places in the room. The acoustic perception of the beat changes depending on the position of the listener. The second layer resembles the sound of rushing blood or a heartbeat. ?inside? is about fantasy, the metaphorical sense of ?interior,? the often demanded ?inwardness.? It also broaches on the mental tenseness of the interpreter, the moment of stillness before a performance; the inside world of the musician; but also the inside of the concert hall and the physical ?being one with the sound? of the listener.
Documentation Videodokumentation, DVD
Material 4 channel PA with subwoofer, computer
Performance 2005 Bern University of the Arts, department Music and Media Art