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Lara Stanic


Type Electronic Composition
Duration 10-15 min
Performances premiere may 2021 / UA Mai 2021 auf dem Vorplatz und in der Wasserkirche Zürich
Command Musikpodium der Stadt Zürich
Link video on vimeo
Description Perforemance for one oar and live-electronics on the forecourt of the Wasserkiche in Zurich.

The rippling water of the trout fountain in front of the Wasserkirche is recorded with a microphone and shaped by my movements, by means of live electronics, into a changing, sonic, spatial mass of water (front).
For the performance I use a traditional wooden oar from the Limmat Rowing Club. The oar will be equipped with a microphone and a sensor. So that the sound of the fountain can be amplified and recorded. The movements of the oar are read via sensor. The movements are simply and easily inspired by the movements of the oars. These are performed in the church hall. 2 PA speakers are placed on the floor with the membrane facing upwards. The movements of the oar in interaction with the two loudspeakers and the acoustics of the church change the recorded
water sounds of the fountain.
Material Oar, PA, live electronics, fountain, water sounds
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