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Lara Stanic


Description Wind Games is a performance, which transfers into a sound installation. The performer plays flute and along with live- electronics, builds various acoustic planes. The recorded sounds are then played through four speakers, which are hung from the ceiling. The performer then places sheet music and a propeller next to each speaker. An additional piece of sheet music is placed on the speaker wires, acting as sails. A microphone is placed underneath every speaker. The acoustic impulse created is then transformed into an electrical impulse, which activates the propeller. The speakers begin to swing over the microphones. The variation in the distance between the microphones and swinging speakers create changing pitches from the recorded sounds. The sound variations influence the rotating speed of the propeller. The installation resembles a perpetual motion machine.

Bild 1: Windspiel.7
Bild 2: Windspiel.7
Bild 3: Windspiel.7

Bild 4: Windspiel.7
Bild 5: Windspiel.7
Bild 6: Windspiel.7