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Lara Stanic

er faehrt rad

Duration 20 Min.
Performances Konzert SO21 K?nstler sind ein Problem im Allgemeinen?
Sunday, June 27, 2010 19:00 Perla-Mode Z?rich

Motor#2, PROGR Bern
Friday, October 15, 2010
Description Performance from spr?ngli&ratluk
Andreas Pfister, Text and racing bicycle
Lara Stanic, Music/ live- electronics

The performance er ist da. er f?hrt rad originates from the eponymous radio work. Andreas Pfister, text and racing bicycle. Lara Stanic, sound and live- electronics.
Everyday after work, a teacher rides his bicycle the same route, from Winterthur to Z?rich. Thoughts, memories, plans and worries whirl inside the brain.

... Sein Knie tut weh, sein innerer Fuchs. Er rutscht auf dem Sattel nach vorne. Die neuen Klickies helfen nicht. Er hat Pfingstweh. Dieser Tisch, dieses Tal, diese Beeren. Erst hoch, dann lange, flache Radwege. Wenig St?rsender. Ein versegelter Traktor. Dann runter in die Stadt. Die allabendliche Radfahrt zwischen Arbeit und Familie. Er kommt aus dem Amselstau. Er wird gefahren sein ...

The performer reads the text while riding his bicycle. The bicycle is attached to a stationary roller. After every chapter, he shifts into higher gear. The "ride" becomes increasingly strenuous. His breath becomes heavier, his pulse higher. It becomes difficult to read the text clearly and speak understandably.

What sounds are heard, as the teacher rides past fields, traffic lights and people? Jingly, cut- up, fast, pulsating? The constant sound of tires on pavement provide a drone. The increasing volume of breathing slowly drowns out any thoughts.
The musician records the sounds and noise during the performance: the rotation of the wheels, the noise coming from the bicycle on rollers, the breathing, the shifting of gears and voices. In the beginning of the performance, only original sound is played back. The "ride" is then recorded and gradually altered in the sampler. The listener moves away from the original output into new acoustic territories.
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Bild 2: Er faehrt Rad.3