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Lara Stanic

open air bach

Performances 2013 Musikfestival Bern
2009 Gymansium Z?richer Unterland
2007 Festival ?Der Schall?, Gare du Nord, Basel
2006 Lange Nacht der IGNM Bern, Strom Festival f?r elektronische Musik
2006 Sonoambiente Berlin, Haus der Berliner Festspiele
2005 ?Der l?ngste Tag?, Performance-Festival im Kunsthof Z?rich.
Description Speakers are attached to the body, each broadcasting a different voice from the third movement of J.S.Bach?s E- minor sonata.
The audio recording is transposed very low, so that in the beginning only a low frequency is heard. The performer brings the singular voices to the right pitch through the balancing of the body (by proximity to the microphone.) A further task is asked of the performer to power four small propellers with the audio controls.
Material 3 flat- screen speakers, 3 cardboard pieces, 4 propellers, 4 microphones, a computer
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