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Lara Stanic


Performances 2006 "Lange Nacht" der IGNM Bern, Festival Strom
Description This performance is inspired by the idea of flying speakers- a light, floating PA system. Four helium balloons are used as a soundbox for the small speakers; as carrier for the larger. The balloons are held down by sugar which has been poured over the speakers. During the performance, the balloons are slowly freed from the weight of the sugar by audio frequencies.
Material Flute, four helium balloons at 80 and 100 cm, 8 small open speakers, 4 amplifiers, 2-3 kg sugar, realtime sampler and harmonizer processor with Max/MSP. The performer plays the flute, and with help from the realtime sampler, builds a quiet wall of sound which is transmitted to the large PA system, and then to the small speakers attached to the balloons. The performer then pours sugar over the small speaker membranes. Subsequently, the flute sound is increased by transposing the flute tone into four low pitches. In addition, at a certain volume, an artificial saw tooth resonance is activated. The saw tooth pitch (frequency) is controlled by the volume of the played tone.
The bass flute tones and rising saw tooth frequency slowly shift the sugar off the small speakers that are attached to the balloons. The more the sugar is displaced by the frequency, the higher the balloons lift the speakers into the air. The rising balloons are kept to a height of six meters by cable weight.
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