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Lara Stanic


Type Performance
Duration 10 Min.
Performances AMOK Rosenkrantzgade 1 b, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark 2016
artists in co-op Wiedikon, Z?rich, Switzerland 2017
Description Sound shower
Performance for musicians / performers with funnel speakers and live electronics.
The performers shower the performance area with sounds.
Large pressure chamber loudspeakers and microphones are assembled into portable sets. The performers control and trigger different noise sounds via microphones.
Spread these into the environment and let them reflect against the facades, and premises. In the noise-free phases, the performers scanned
the rooms and the building shells with the open loudspeakers and microphones what produces various feedback frequencies;
Sine tones that, the room reproduces through its acoustics.
Sound shower is a interplay between violent noise and feedbacks.
The performance emphasizes in a playful way the mechanical character of the electronic music.
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