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Lara Stanic


Performances Fr 8. Sept. 17:30 Irrtonale Musik
Fr 8. Sept. 21. Uhr ?Runthrough? von David Behrman
Kirche St. Peter und Paul, Rathausplatz Bern
Mo. 11. Sept. 17 Uhr Grossm?nster Z?rich
Command Musikfestival Bern
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Description The Ginger Ensemble and their guest from New York, David Behrman, set out in search of phantom sounds, acoustic illusions and virtual irritations. With specially conceived works, the composers / performers listen to the interior of the church. Their sound fantasies are manifold: sound waves are bundled by means of parabolic dishes, incense burners produce microtonal sounds and microphones distributed throughout the room create surprising oscillating circuits.
David Behrman, born in 1937, is a pioneer of electronically generated music and, together with Robert Ashley, Alvin Lucier and Gordon Mumma, founder of the Sonic Arts Union. The Ginger Ensemble follows in the tradition of the composers / performers of the Sonic Arts Union.
David Behrman, "Blue-grey Gnatcatcher" ( UA ), for four players and live electronics
Cyrill Lim, "runa" (UA), for parabolic dishes and loudspeakers
Peter F?rber, "WEB" (UA), for bell sounds and mobile speakers
Klara Schilliger, 'Turibulum sonabilis' (UA), for sounding incense burner
Lara Stanic, Četiri Band (UA) for laptop quartet and voices
Jonas Kocher "Irrlicht" short interventions ( UA ), electronic composition
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