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Lara Stanic


Duration 15 Min.
Performances Tournee des Percussion Art Ensembles Bern, Oktober / November 2006 Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern
Farel Saal, Biel
Schadausaal, Thun
Pfalzkeller, St. Gallen
Sudhaus, Basel
Command Percussion Art Ensemble Bern
Description The piece, ?Die Stille,? as well as the music and video, are inspired by the poem of the same name by Rainer Maria Rilke. The video and music compositions were created simultaneously, therefore the video is not set to music, and vice versa. Both the video and music works, which spring from the same inspiration source are incorporated into one stage performance. The composition contains five merging, passing parts; each part correlating to one verse of the poem. The video composition consists of a shadowplay of the musicians movements on stage.
The video is projected on a four- meter wide by three- meter high screen. The four musicians play behind the screen and are lit by four spotlights; they are approximately in the same spot as in the pre-recorded video, as they cast their shadows on the screen. A fusion of images are created by the musicians shadows from behind the screen with the video projection of the musicians on the front of the screen. Between the video and live shadows an interaction of the musicians are contrived.
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