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Lara Stanic


Duration 10-12 Min.
Performances Premiere 4. Oktober at 4 pm 2020 Moods Zurich
Breaking Boundaries

9. May 2021 Bodensee Festival
4./ 5. September 2021 Wiesbadener Literaturtage
Command Simone Keller
Link Video_fantasia
Description Fantasia

For a pianist, grand piano and live electronics

The piece is a fantasy about a ghost hidden in the piano. The confused Mozart ghost perhaps? At the same time, it is a piece about the pianist's "relationship" to her instrument, which she expects to take on a life of its own.
The pianist pushes her instrument onto the stage. It rumbles from inside the grand piano She opens the lid and uses a microphone to examine the piano body. With more and more key play she tries to awaken the ghost and encourage it to play together.
With fragments from the D minor fantasy by W. A. Mozart she "teaches" the ghost to make music. They have a short fight and finally find the musical interaction. At the end she gives him her score.
A microphone, a loudspeaker and audio receiver are hidden inside the grand piano. The live electronics are controlled via feedback and piano sounds. A ghostly musical dialogue is created between acoustic and electronic sounds from a grand piano.
The composition consists of 12 parts: roll, open, touch, D, modulation, puls, fight 1, fight 2, wistle, learn, singing ghost, give the score
Score Download of the score (PDF)
Material Grad piano, one speaker , wireless microphone, audio transmitter and receiver hidden in the pinao
Computer hidden, back of the stage
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