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Lara Stanic


Duration 10-15 Min.
Command Ruemlingen Musikfestival 21. - 23. August 2020

Performance Franziska Bruecker, Sebastian Hofmann, Jörg Köppl, Lara Stanic
Link Video_ Waves on Festival Rümlingen
Description Composition for four musicians/performers, live electronics, sounds, voice, movement, mobile phones and portable speakers.
Waves is based on the tradition of instrumental theatre. Mobile phones with a live-electronic app as well as portable loudspeakers are musical instruments. Waves plays with the questions of what an instrument is in today's electronic or digital music and what the role of the musician can be in playing with mobile devices. At the same time, Waves is a piece about digital communication, data and numbers that are sent through the air and landscapes as waves or frequencies.
During the performance, sounds and noises are fed in via the mobile phone microphone, processed and reproduced via the loudspeaker. The built-in compass reacts as a sensor to the movement of the performers in the terrain and influences musical parameters. Spoken texts and numbers are inspired by plot names and numbers from the map of the festival area. The composition consists of seven parts: call, radio, map, feedback, sing, waves and fly.
Score Download of the score (PDF)
Documentation Video
Material mobile phones , small portable speakers, live electronics useing mobile phone - microphones, compass and mobile application
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