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Lara Stanic

close distance

Duration 10 min
Command Curated by DUMPF EDITION, Luc Döbereiner & Martin Lorenz
Supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia
Link Klangraum participate and listen here
Description Lara Stanic

Close Distance

electronic composition for Klangraum, web interactive

Close Distance is a web live electronics piece for 24 open microphones. The listeners are invited to participate in the sound design of the piece from their electronic device via an open microphone. As a listener, you can, for example, say something or sing into your cell phone, tablet or computer microphone, scratch, knock on it - no matter what. These inputs are processed. On the one hand, you hear the input itself, delayed, and on the other, its electronic processing. There may also be feedback, you can take part in the piece with or without headphones.
Nothing sounds by itself. There is no fundamental tone or something similar that would then be modeled by the audience afterwards. Everything you hear comes straight from the microphone inputs. There are no prepared sounds. The piece arises from the activity of the audience. The inputs of the listeners do not serve as a sensor or something similar to generate other sounds. You hear what you enter. The software rhythmicizes and structures the inputs. The inputs are processed in three ways: First, they are repeated. Second, they are reverberated. Third, there is a panorama effect, which means that the sounds can be heard in the left or right ear. In addition to this sound processing, the sounds are truncated. Just like a window structures incoming noise - depending on whether it is open or closed. This creates rhythms of different speeds.
The piece lasts 10 minutes. Over this period of time, a process of circuits, so-called gates, runs, which control the microphone signals as if by opening and closing the windows and let them play rhythmically with each other.
The idea of a room with many windows serves as inspiration for the piece. The movement of the air causes the individual shutters to open and close. The sounds and noises penetrate the room in different tempos, volume levels and lengths and create playful rhythmic structures. A web browser provides the virtual space for the piece.

Daily Schedule - starting November 1. 2020

Lara Stanic
Close Distance
07:00 & 15:00 & 23:00 CET
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