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Lara Stanic


Type Electronic Composition
Duration 5-7 min.
Command GingerEnsemble for HASARD3_Festival_ Fribourg
Projekt "quinte - les toux virtuelles"
March 2021
Description "circle of fifths"
Sound performance for 4 performers, sine waves, compass and rope.

The performance is a play with "forbidden" fifth parallels.
Four performers move in a spatial (fifths) circle.
Each performer generates a sine tone using an app. A compass is built into the app which reacts as a sensor to the movements or orientation of the performers in space and controls the frequency of the sine wave.
The performers position themselves in four directions. Each position has a starting pitch: North - C1, South - G1, and East - E1, West- B1. See diagram. The performer pairs tune a fifth and walk slowly in a circle. They pull on a rope and move the fifth together.
Score Download of the score (PDF)
Material Strong for example climbing ropes, chalk, tape, mobile phone, app, smal mobile loudspeaker, audio cable
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Bild 1: Quintenzirkel.3
Bild 2: Quintenzirkel.3