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Lara Stanic

flight lessons

Duration 10-15 min
Performances 16. 4. 2021 20:00 Video - Stream from BASEL Ackermannshof
Command Ensemble Container
Haize Lizarazu,Piano
Sara Méndez, Sax
Jacobo Hernández Enríquez, Violin
Roberto Maqueda, Percussion
Link VIDEO Flight Lessons
Description "Flight Lessons" is a fantasy piece about a music ensemble as a flight crew. 
The piece consists of different parts, respectively exercises to became a "music pilot".
The musicians play their instruments and operate with travel suitcases.
The suitcases represent the music cockpits and are equipped with mobile live ? electronics.
The musicians learn to operate the live electronics themselves. As a part of the training for the flight with sounds
Material Prepared travel suitcases, mobile live-electronics, violin, saxophone, melodica, small percussion instruments.
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